Mint in plant

Mint is an extremely versatile herb that is easy to grow and look after in the garden. It’s best planted in containers as it does have a tendency to take over when planted in the ground. As well as the classic mint flavours, there are a whole host of different varieties that you can grow – a great activity for younger gardeners.

Growing Mint – The Basics

Mint plant

Can mint be grown from seed?

Mint can be grown from seed but it is extremely easy to purchase from a garden centre. A good garden centre will also have a number of different varieties to try to suit a number of dishes or drinks that you would like to create.

What you will need to grow mint?

Compost and pots. And seeds of course (if you want to grow them this way).

Is mint suitable to grow in containers?

Mint is best grown in containers because it has a tendency to grow extremely fast and take over in the area in which is is growing. You will want to avoid growing different types of mint in the same container as it will affect the flavour of the plants.

Is mint suitable to grow in the ground?

Whilst mint can grow in the ground, it has a tendency to grow extremely fast and take over in the area in which it is growing. If you want to make sure this doesn’t happen, growing in a container is your best method of planting. However, if you have a space with nothing else growing in it and want to fill it with mint, it will certainly survive.

Growing mint indoors

Mint is a perfect herb to grow indoors and will thrive on almost any kitchen windowsill. It will enjoy a temperate of around 18 to 21 C and you will need to ensure that it gets a few hours of sunlight each and every day.

Growing and Caring for Mint

Where does mint like to grow?

Mint enjoys well drained soil and will favour a slightly shady position. Keep the soil moist and certainly don’t let it get waterlogged.

Mint in plant

How often should I water mint? 

Mint certainly doesn’t like to be dry and if you are able, try to water it every few days. Keeping the soil moist and also maintaining a level of moist/humidity will keep the plant nice and healthy.

How easy is it to grow mint?

Easy! Mint is an easy herb to grow. Keep it in containers as otherwise

How do you harvest mint?

Mint can be picked from spring right up until about September/October or when he first frost hit. There is no science to harvesting mint, it’s more of a pick as you need it herb.

It is worth nipping out the top of the stems as this will encourage the plant to bush out.

How do children get involved in growing mint?

child picking mint

Mint is a great herb for children to grow. It is extremely easy and because it can be grown in pots, it means that you can really get creative with how you grow it. Why not use some old wellies and create a funky herb garden?

Get the pots ready

We’d certainly advise planting mint in pots to prevent it taking over the garden. Along with other herbs, mint will enjoy being in a pot and it also means that children will need to care for the plant, such as watering it.

You could either choose a traditional pot to grow mint in or experiment in something a little more interesting. Try growing mint in some old wellies or even try up-cycling some tin pots and growing a variety of homes. Whatever you chose, make sure that you put drainage holes in the bottom so that it doesn’t become waterlogged.


Harvesting mint is super simple and can be done with your own hands. Simply pick the mint from the plant once it is established and it will keep on growing. In the summer months, children can pick the leaves to make a nice cool mint drink or towards the end of the growing season make some mint sauce.

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