Parsley Pot

Parsley is a wonderful herb to have growing in the garden and children will love growing it. Parsley is an extremely versatile herb and has many uses in the kitchen. Also, it has many health benefits as it is packed full of nutrients that you wouldn’t expect from a herb. There are two types of parsley that you can grow; flat leaf and curly leaf.

It is often said that flat leaf has a better taste although much depends on the conditions in which the herb is grown. The best thing to do is experiment between the two. Don’t forget to use the stems though as these are delicious and full of flavour!

Growing Parsley – The Basics


Can parsley be grown from seed?

Yes. It is a slow process and the seeds can typically take a few weeks to germinate. You can either sow them indoors and plant out once the last frost has passed or alternatively start outside when the weather is a little warmer.

Sow Outdoors: between March and July

Sow Indoors: all year round

To sow parsley seeds, simply sprinkle the seeds onto soil and cover with a very thin layer of soil over the top and then mist with water. Now just wait for them to sprout.

Once sprouted, thin to a couple of plants per pot.

What you will need to grow parsley?

Compost, rocks (for the bottom of the pot) and pots.

Is parsley suitable to grow in containers?

Parsley will be very happy to grow in a container. A lot of kitchen gardens grow parsley in this way. If you want to grow it in this way, you will need to ensure that the pot is well drained and the soil is kept moist. Avoid overwatering the plant and don’t allow the soil to dry out completely.

Parsley in a pot

Is parsley suitable to grow in the ground?

Parsley will grow outside in the vegetable patch. However, due to the length of time that it takes for the seeds to germinate, you may be better off sowing them indoors and planting out later when the plants are big enough.

If time is not a problem, the seeds can be planted directly in the ground in spring.

Make sure that the soil is well drained and if you get the chance, dig in some organic material. You will want to ensure that it is in a partial shade or full sun position.

How to grow parsley indoors

If you are looking to have a herb indoors over the winter, parsley is great. It is extremely versatile in the kitchen and looks great too.

You will need to ensure that the plant has a nice sunny spot with soil that is well drained. Other than ensuring that the soil is kept moist and fed the occasional seaweed, all you need to do is pick it as needed and nature will take care of the rest.

Growing and Caring for parsley

Where does parsley like to grow?

Parsley like to grow in a well drained, sunny position. Do ensure that the soil never completely dries out. If planting outside, parsley would prefer some organic material mixed into the soil but it can tolerate poorer quality soils too.

How often should parsley be watered? 

Parsley will need watering around 2 to 3 times a week but this will depend on the growing conditions. You can always tell if parsley needs a drink as it will begin to wilt but don’t worry, if you water it early enough, the plant will recover.

Don’t overwater the plant and don’t let the soil dry out completely. During hot spells, you may want to increase the amount that you water the plants.

How do you harvest parsley?

Simply harvest the herb as and when you need it. Make sure that you also use the stems as these are extremely flavoursome and often overlooked.

How easy is it to grow parsley?

Easy! It does require a little bit of patience to germinate the seeds so if you are likely to be using a lot of parsley, be sure to succession sow. This was you will have plenty of parsley to choose from.

Different Varieties of Parsley

curley leaf parsley

Curly Leaf Parsley

A great all round curly leaf parsley that can be used for garnishing and flavouring in the kitchen.

Available from Thompson & Morgan


parsley titan flat leaf

‘Titan’ (Flat leaf) Parsley

A great weather resistant plant that if harvested regularly will produce a vast quantity of leaves.

Available from Thompson & Morgan


Parsley ‘Lisette’ (Curly)

A great low maintenance curly leaf parsley plant that can be grown both indoors and outside in the kitchen garden.

Available from Thompson & Morgan


How do children get involved in growing parsley?

Child planting parsley

Parsley is a great herb for children to grow in the garden and indoors. Whilst it has a longer germination period than other plants, this will help children understand that plants do not all grow at the same rate and some require more patience than others. It is also good from the perspective that parsley can be used in the kitchen and reinforces the garden to plate aspect of growing food at home.


Parsley, naturally, is a seed that germinates slower than most. From sowing this herb is can often take around 5 weeks to see the growth of the plant. It can be sowed both indoors and outdoors making it versatile from a learning point of view. It is easier to monitor this growth if grown indoors as you will be able to see the seedling develop into a plant.


If the seeds have been sown indoors, the plant can be planted on into the garden during the summer months.


These isn’t anything much more fun than going out into the herb garden and picking some herbs for the kitchen. Show children how to pick the leaves/shoots from the plant.

Huw’s Nursery have a good video detailing the steps required to grow this herb.


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