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Activities are very important and crucial to children understanding more about the garden.

We’ve come up with some fun activities that children can do both inside and outside.

Girl with herb

Create a Herb Container Garden

Herbs are a great way of getting children involved in the garden. If you are looking to give your children a summer long project...

Free Children’s Sowing Planner Download

As any gardener will know, planning is a big part of the gardening year. Knowing when to sow, when to harvest and understanding successional...

How To Start Composting With Children

Composting is a great for any garden. There are just so many benefits that you can gleam from composting your own garden waste and...
Miniature Farm

Making a Miniature Farmyard

Creating a miniature farmyard in a tray is actually a really fun thing to do with the kids. There are many  opportunities to add...
Indoor growing herbs

Herbs that you can grow indoors

Growing herbs shouldn't only be limited to the spring and summer season. If you are looking for a project for your young gardener to...

Is it safe for children to play in mud?

One question that many parents have is whether or not it is safe for children to play in mud? The answer is somewhat complex...
Children playing in the mud

The Benefits of Mud Play

Mud play for children really is something that they absoloutley adore. And it is really no wonder why….it’s messy! Think about it. It’s squishy,...
Growing runner beans in glass

An Easy Way to Show Plant Growth to Children

From the moment that we started KDG, one of the main focuses was to promote gardening to children to help with their development. It...

The Benefits of Growing Seeds with Children

Every year, there is a limitless amount of things that you can do in and around the garden. One great way of showing children...

Growing Cress Heads with Children

Cress is just great if you want to do something with the children where they can see the fruits of their labour early on....

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