A hub of advice for gardening with children whether you are just starting out of looking for some inspiration to take your garden and the experience to the next level.

How to get Children into Gardening

There is no doubt about it that gardening is something that children love. Getting muddy, watching things grow and eating what was once a...

How To Start Composting With Children

Composting is a great for any garden. There are just so many benefits that you can gleam from composting your own garden waste and...
Young girl sowing seeds in flower bed

Tips for Sowing Seeds with Children

Sowing seeds for your garden really can be make or break time. It is an exciting time and no doubt you will have made...

Plants and tips for creating a sensory garden

Sensory gardens are great for children to learn about plants and also to get them interested in the world of gardening. They are also...

Growing Herbs with Children

Growing herbs with children is a great way to get them started in and around the garden. In my opinion every garden should have...
Kids planting flowers

Garden plants that are safe for children

For parents, ensuring that the plants that you are growing are safe and non toxic for children is extremely important. For some gardens this...
Child holding beans from the garden

Easy to grow vegetables with children

Vegetables are great to grow with children. Not only are you able to see them growing fairly easily, it also helps to promotes where...

How to get started in the garden with children

As we move into the spring and summer months, it is a great time to get the children outdoors to enjoying everything that nature...
Getting the garden ready for spring

Getting the Garden Ready for Spring

Spring is undoubtedly a very busy time of year for all gardeners as there are a magnitude of things to do and a lot...
Gardening terms and definitions

Common Gardening Terms and What They Mean?

There are many terms used in gardening that, unless you have some experience, will be quite alien to you. Some words are quite straight...

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