Child sowing seed with a small pot kit
child girl planting flower seeds with mother. Gardening, planting concept - mother and daughter planting flower seeds into small pots

Growing kits are a great way to get children enthused about gardening. They allow children to experiment with growing plants on a small scale to gain confidence in taking those skills further and being more adventurous in their gardening endeavours.

Fortunately, there are a number of growing kits available that cover a wide range of plants and varying levels of difficulty. What’s important about growing kits, as with all gardening, is patience. Unlike other hobbies and activities, the results of your work will take time to grow. Mr Fothergill’s First Mini Greenhouse comes with a good selection of seeds that will all grow at different times. You will see the results of cress far sooner than that of the sunflower.

Basic ways of showing plant growth to children

Seed in a glass showing root growth

One of our favourite activities to show germination is cress heads if you have not tried this already. Or you can even try growing runner beans in a glass so that children can see the germination of a seed. By doing this, children will be able to understand and appreciate the stages and speed of different plants.

If children have a basic understanding of plant growth, growing kits will offer a great experience and allow them to appreciate plants that they may not have seen before. They an even be used to introduce them to specific types of gardening, such as growing herbs. These growing kits are readily available and will be able to offer that experience.

Growing Kits for children


Colourful Vegetable Growing Kit

For young gardeners this small growing kit is the perfect way to get started. And what we love about these is that they are no ordinary vegetables, they are colourful varieties of vegetables that we all know and love along with a mystery packet. The kit comes with a mini greenhouse and then six pots, six soil discs and a plant marker for each to get you started. A growing guide will also help you get underway. You can expect to grow; Rainbow carrots, purple peas, yellow beans, multicoloured Swiss chard, yellow tomatoes and one mystery vegetable. What’s more, there is a guarantee that if one doesn’t grow, they’ll replace the seed for free. Certainly not one to disappoint.

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Children's windowsill growing kitChildren’s Windowsill Garden

If you are looking for a project to grow inside with your children, this micro greens growing kit has everything you need to get started. The pack itself comes with 4 different types of micro greens that will be ready to eat in 7 – 15 days. Alongside the seeds, you also get 4 peat free compost discs, 4 pots which can be decorated and labelled with the crayons supplied, 2 grow domes to help with germination and gardening puzzles for the children. Everything in this kit is also recyclable – even the grow domes!

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Children’s Gardening Set With Activities

This growing set has to be one of our favourites for the children. It comes with four sets of seeds allowing you to grow wildflowers, cress, peas and sunflowers as well as everything you need to get them growing. Included in the box are also some worksheets to help increase Childrens awareness about plants and also one of our favourite activities – making cress heads. A truly wonderful gift.

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Dan&Darci Light-up Terrarium Kit for Kids

Dan&Darci Light-up Terrarium Kit for Kids

 If you are looking for something exciting to aid your growing experiment, this terrarium is perfect. A terrarium is a miniature garden within a container that simulates a natural environment. The set comes with the container, rocks, soil, seeds, spray bottle, decorations and a how to guide. The lid of the container has a light in it so that it glows at night time. And when the battery die, it can be charged via USB.

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Funky Veg KitFunky Veg Kit by Plant Theatre

Another great growing kit from Plant Theatre. Vegetables are not always the colour that you see in the supermarket and that’s what this growing kit is all about. Why not try growing some purple carrots, yellow courgettes, stripy tomatoes or red sprouts? The kit comes with everything you need to get started along with instructions on how to grow each of the vegetables. If you are into teaching children where food originates, this kit is set to put that learning on steroids. Great fun!

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Stunning Sunflower Seed Growing Kit Stunning Sunflower Seed Growing Kit

Sunflowers are quite often associated with children and growing them in your back garden is great fun. Thompson & Morgan have introduced this great sunflower kit. There are 5 different varieties of sunflower in the box and they are all stunningly beautiful. Guaranteed to brighten up any garden over the summer months.

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Child sowing seeds into germination tray


Scented Sweet Pea Seeds Growing KitScented Sweet Pea Seeds Growing Kit

Sweet peas are glorious flowers that should be in every garden. They are extremely easy to grow and in the right setting will produce stunning flowers and scent in the areas they are growing. They are also wonderful for cutting and bringing them into the home. This set contains 5 different varieties to grow, along with all of the equipment to make them successful.

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Herb Garden Seed KitHerb Garden Seed Kit – Plant Theatre

This iconic herb growing kit from Plant Theatre is a great kit for both beginners and those more experienced. It contains everything you need to get started from pots, peat blocks, markers and instructions. There are 6 herbs included in the kit; Basil, Parsley, Thyme, Chives, Coriander and Rocket seeds. Enough seeds are contained within the kit for multiple sowings of each of the herbs.

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Thompson & Morgan Wooden Herb Chalk Board

Thompson & Morgan Wooden Herb Chalk Board

Thompson & Morgan have created an amazing small herb garden that can be planted up by young gardeners. With this product you will get 4 small metal pots, a wooden stand with chalk board, 4 different types of seed and some peat plugs to get the seeds started. The pack contains four of the most common herbs that you will find in the kitchen; coriander, chives, parsley and basil. This really is a great set and look good in any kitchen – not to mention the fun of watching them grow!

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Kaleidoscope Pea and Bean Seed Growing KitKaleidoscope Pea and Bean Seed Growing Kit

Another set from Thompson & Morgan. It’s no secret that beans and peas look stunning in any garden. From the early flowers to the edible beans, they are just lovely plants to grow. There are a total of 5 different bean seeds contained within, along with small pots and peat growing plugs.You certainly won’t be disappointed when it comes to harvesting these wonderful varieties.

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Scott & Co Seed SackScott & Co Seed Sack

If you are looking for a gift for a young gardener that has no limits, this seed sack from Scott & Co is just what you need. The sack contains 30 different varieties of seed spanning, vegetables, tomatoes, herbs, salads, chillis & peppers. There are some lovely varieties contained within, ones that you wouldn’t normally try. This will give parents and children a great sense of adventure in experimenting with new plants. The sack also comes with a booklet explaining how to grow each of the vegetables in the sack.

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Wooden Herb Growing KitWooden Herb Growing Kit from Thompson & Morgan

Simliar to other growing kits, this one from Thompson & Morgan really does look the part. It comes with a lovely wooden book and all of the kit for growing the herbs. Perfect for keeping it all together. This kit comes with parsley, rocket & dill to get your started.

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Peppa Pig Growing Kits

For younger children there is now a Peppa Pig range of pots available with different characters. These make up a larger set. This will help them look after and nurture the plants whilst also having imaginative role play. Peppa’s example is cress but there are others available to include; Basil, Pea plant & Red Amaranth.

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