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Christmas and birthdays are a great time to get gardening gifts for children. Typically, they are a gift that keeps on giving as no matter what it is, it will provide children with skills and experiences that they will cherish forever. Many of us still have very fond memories of gardening with our parents or grandparents either in the garden or down the allotment.

You can’t go far wrong when choosing a gardening gift, even a packet of seeds will bring so much joy to a young gardener. If you are not sure what to buy, here are some things to think about when choosing your gift:

  • How much space does the person have to grow and use what you are buying?
  • Have they been gardening for a while? Are you looking to get something to help them move onto the next level of gardening?
  • Try to spark some curiosity. Perhaps get some funky veg seeds (they are great fun!)
  • How much time will they get to use what you are buying?

Here are some of our favourite gifts. We will keep our list updated as we come across and test new products.

Garden Tools

Gardening tools are a great way to encourage children to get into the garden. As with most activities, having the right tools for the job goes a long way to help with the enjoyment. There’s a lot of choice of garden tools and we have only just touch the surface. However, we believe that these tools will make memorable gifts for any young gardener.


Spear and Jackson Children’s Spade

Available from Amazon

Having a garden spade the same as the adults is a great achievement in the children’s gardening world! What we love about this one is that it looks exactly the same as the adult version, only smaller. The spade is a total of 82cm high and is made with stainless steel so that it won’t rust and is easy to clean. The spade is suitable for those aged 5 and upwards and should be used with adult supervision.

Rolly Toys – Children’s Wheelbarrow

Available from Amazon

There’s lots of things to carry around the garden and lots of weeds to transport to the compost heap. This well known and popular wheelbarrow will make any young gardener the envy of their friends. The wheelbarrow is made from metal, making it durable for most tasks and will require assembly on delivery. Suitable for use for children above three years old.


Little Pals Gardening Set

Available from Amazon

Who doesn’t love a gardening set. Suitable for children from three years and up this kit contains everything you need to get started. With some mini tools, a bucket, gloves, some seeds and a propagator, a young gardener will be able to get started on their gardening adventure. This is a great gift for those that are just starting to enter the world of gardening.


Spear and Jackson – Tiny Traditions

Available from Amazon

Just like the spade that we have already recommended, these miniature hand tools are classic in their appearance and will last many many years. Both the fork and the spade are made from stainless steel so won’t be subject to any rust. They really are the quality that you would expect from spear and jackson. They should be use with supervision.


Vgo Children’s Gardening Gloves

Available from Amazon

If you know a child that loves gardening, then these gloves will be perfect. Whilst most children don’t mind getting their hands a little dirty, sometimes, there’s a need to have that little extra protection. These gloves come as a pack of three – great for when a pair goes walkabouts  (not literally). The gloves come in a number of different sizes and a choice of three different colours.


Gardening Books

Books are a fantastic gift for anyone that is looking to give a gift that keeps on giving. There are a number of gardening books available for children that include multiple activities as well as some of the science behind growing in the garden. Offering so much inspiration for both parents and children, these books will make sure that you are ready for spring and full of garden activities for the year ahead.

Get Growing RHS

Available from Amazon

Produced by the RHS this book is great for anyone that is looking for activities to do with children in the garden. As well as many activities, the book also contains much of the science behind what happens in the garden and what makes a successful eco system. The activities are not just confined to outdoors either; there are also some that you can do indoors when the weather is not too good. There will certainly be no disappointment for anyone receiving this books as a gift.


How to get kids gardening

Available from Amazon

If you are looking for a book that is packed full of kids activities for the garden, this is most certainly a one stop shop. It contains so much inspiration for weekends, half terms and year long projects making the most of many items that we have around the home. There’s also some great tips on how to get wildlife into the garden too. A great book from Lee and will be a family favourite.


Growing Kits

Growing kits are great gifts for young gardeners. Some growing kits can be used indoors at any time of the year and some are for the growing season when it starts in spring. Either way, these kits give children a great opportunity to experiment and explore growing different things. Check out our recommendations below of growing kits that we like.

For more kits, check out our highlights here


Scott & Co Seed Bag

Available from Amazon

This seed pack contains 30 different varieties of seed to be grown. There are herbs, vegetables, salads and chillis. The seeds are presented in a lovely sack and also come with a booklet of growing instructions to help the young gardeners get started. What we love about this seed bag is the wide variety of tomatoes that you can grow.

Dan & Darci Paint and Plant Growing Kit

Available from Amazon

For the gardeners that also have an arty side to life, this kit not only comes with three flowers that you can grow but also a painting kit so that you can decorate the container that you grow them in. It has everything you need to make an example as beautiful in the photo including a great instruction booklet that even tells you which colours to mix on the paint palette!


Sprout – Pencils with seeds

Available from Amazon

Who ever thought that you could bring gardening to the pencil case! Well, with these great eco pencils, you can do just that. The pack contains 5 pencils that all have different seeds in the tip. The type of seed is written on the pencil along with mindful, encouraging quotes. Once the pencil gets too short to use, simply turn it upside down and place into compost, then watch your seeds turn into plants.

Make your own grass head kit

Available from Etsy

Everyone loves a grass head! Especially when you can make your own. There’s a real excitement about cutting their hair for the first time. This kit is super affordable and can be grown all year round – just put it on the windowsill. The kit comes with everything that you will need, just have some glue and a yoghurt pot handy!