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Our gardening section is full of great information to inspire children into the garden. You will find information on growing vegetables, flowers as well as tops tips for around the garden.

Young girl sowing seeds in flower bed

Tips for Sowing Seeds with Children

Sowing seeds for your garden really can be make or break time. It is an exciting time and no doubt you will have made...

How to Grow Sunflowers

Growing sunflowers is a staple of the children's garden. There is a certain type of magic with growing a sunflower. How something from such...
Mint in plant

How to Grow Mint

Mint is an extremely versatile herb that is easy to grow and look after in the garden. It's best planted in containers as it...
Parsley Pot

How to Grow Parsley

Parsley is a wonderful herb to have growing in the garden and children will love growing it. Parsley is an extremely versatile herb and...
rosemary plants

How to Grow Rosemary

Rosemary is a lovely evergreen herb to grow in the garden or indoors. It is highly versatile in the kitchen and extremely easy to...
Freshly harvested garlic

How to Grow Garlic

Garlic is a great plant to grow and is suited to both beds and container planting. It's also super easy and until you have...
Growing Sweetcorn

Growing Sweetcorn

Growing sweetcorn is a great experience for any vegetable gardener. Not only do you get the benefit of harvesting some delicious sweetcorn but your...

Growing Sage

Sage is an incredibly easy to grow herb that will grow almost anywhere. It is a great kitchen herb that can be used in...
Chives safe for children

Growing Chives

Chives are an incredibly easy herb to grow. They are a perennial herb that is widely grown for its leaves. However, chives will also...

Plants and gardening tips for creating a sensory garden

Sensory gardens are great for children to learn about plants and also to get them interested in the world of gardening. They are also...

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