Child Playing in a mud kitchen

Mud kitchens offer children so much in the way of fun and development as well as endless amounts of fun outdoors! It also gives them a really hands on experience with nature learning lots more than you would by reading. And did we mention, messy?

They are a great investment for any child’s garden as they will be used for many many years. Most kitchens that are available are suitable for children from around 3 years of age and will certainly go up to around 10 years of age. They are great for encouraging social interaction, communication and introducing them to certain elements of science.


What are the benefits of having a mud kitchen?

There’s a whole lot more to just playing in the mud when it comes to owning a mud kitchen, some of them you may not even realise. They’re also a wonderful way for friends and siblings to play with each other through role play and imaginary play.

Physical Development 

Playing in a mud kitchen helps children with their physical development all whilst enjoying themselves getting messy and making wonderful creations. By using utensils, it will help them build up fine motor skills especially when mixing their ingredients. They will also be lifting heavier objects which is good for their overall physical development.

Problem Solving and Mathematics

By providing your children with recipes of what to create in the mud kitchen, they will be able to solve problems and use mathematics to measure out the ingredients of the mud pie. Encouraging play with weighing ingredient, measuring liquid and counting are a great way to do this.

You can also experiment with different quantities of ingredients to test the different outcomes which will lead into further problem solving that is available in the mud kitchen. This can also play into science as well.

Social Interaction and Communication

Whether your mud kitchen be in the home setting, nursery or play school, it will almost certainly bring with it a host of social interaction. The kitchen environment in our adult lives is certainly a place of social interaction and children will pick up on this. Role playing is especially important and choosing a role within the kitchen will be something that comes naturally to them.

With the social interaction, also comes a great opportunity to encourage communication amongst the budding chefs. From sharing the equipment in the mud kitchen, being able to articulate what they are doing and using a wide range of words and emotions will be at play as they complete their activities.

Art & Science

One of the wonders of the mud kitchen is that no one way is right? It doesn’t matter if there’s too much mud or even too much water in their creation. They will learn through trial and error what works and what doesn’t. And you can be sure that they will share their successes and failures with their friends in the kitchen.

Being in the great outdoors will also expose children to the wonders of science. Believe it or not, mud is a truly magnificent natural material – after all, it helps grow all of the food that ends up on our plates. Introducing different soil types into a kitchen will give children a great play experience and help them make all kinds of different concoctions. It is also a great introduction to different soil types in the garden and recognising them at an early age.

What type of mud kitchens are available to buy?

There are many different mud kitchen available to purchase. Some of them are made by well known toy manufacturers and others by skilled carpenters or businesses that only make high quality mud kitchens. On the market today, there’s a large variety of kitchens available. Some are suited to smaller spaces, whilst others can be used in a nursery or school setting.

In our experience, findings shops that stock this type of variety can be hard to find, especially if you are looking for something more bespoke. However, we have found some great examples online and we want to share them with you below.

Can mud kitchens go outdoors and indoors?

Mud kitchens can live both indoors and outdoors. And whilst ‘mud’ is in the name, if you want to use the kitchen more like a conventional kitchen, this is also possible. Some of the designs that we have listed below, would look amazing in a playroom and you wouldn’t necessarily know that it can also live outdoors in the elements. As many of them are designed to live outside and be exposed to the elements, they are extremely durable and will stand the test of time.

There’s also a great range of accessories available to buy that will enhance both playing experience and the appearance of the Mud kitchen that you buy.

Mud Kitchen by RUFDUK

2 Bowl Mud Kitchen

This Mud Kitchen really is a fine example of great workmanship. The mud kitchen itself is made from pressure treated wood and is then finished in decking oil.

Each one of these mud kitchens are hand made by the seller and include all of the following features:

  • 4 stainless steel hob burners with twist turn controls
  • A chalk board on the back of the kitchen so that children can write down their recipes or who’s kitchen it is.
  • A stainless steel bowl on each side of the kitchen
  • 8 hooks around the kitchen
  • A fitted door in the centre of the kitchen to mimic an oven

This kitchen is also available in three different sizes to cater for a number of ages;

  • Size overall bench W112cm overall D48cm
  • Age 2-4 bench H52cm overall H102cm
  • Age 4-5 bench H62cm overall H110cm
  • Age 6-8 bench H72cm overall H118cm

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Mud Kitchen by MudkitchenRFun

Large Mud Kitchen 3 Bowls

If you are looking for a large Mud Kitchen for your garden or play area,  this is certainly going to meet your expectations. The mud kitchen has 3 plastic bowls that can be used to make the messiest, most fantastic mud pies.

Each one of these mud kitchens are hand built in the UK from sustainably sourced materials and designed to meet both British and European design standards. It is also suitable to be stored outdoors in the elements.

Size of the Mud Kitchen 

W:160cm x H:95cm x D:50cm
Height of the work station 52cm

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Children’s Mud Kitchen

Childrens Mud Kitchen

This mud kitchen is great if you are looking for a kitchen with all the bells and whistles. For a child, it has all of the play functionality of a real kitchen;

  • 4 plate hob
  • Washing up bowl
  • Under counter storage
  • Hooks for utensils
  • Shelf for the all important spices (leaves & twigs)

The kitchen is made from sustainably sourced materials and is suited to both indoor and outdoor play. The work top is only 52cm high, making it a suitable height for most toddlers.  If you are thinking of using the kitchen indoors, the overall measurements are:

Height:92.5cm (including the backboard)

Utensils not included

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Double Bowl Mud Kitchen with Built in Oven

Treated Mud Kitchen

If you’re looking for a mud kitchen to suit two children or perhaps one with all the mod cons of the kitchen indoors, this one is just lovely. The cooker comes with two mixing bowls for making delicious mud pies, a 4 ring hob with buttons, an oven and plenty of storage.

In terms of the materials used to make this mud kitchen, all has been pressure treated and fully planed for a good finish. The overall measurements are:

Width: 119cm
Depth: 50cm
Height: 103cm
Worktop Height: 63cm

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Classic Mud Kitchen by Evergreen ToyshopUK

EG Mud Kitchen

When it comes to a traditional mud kitchen, it doesn’t get much better than this. The build quality of these mud kitchens is quite simply amazing with each item being completely hand made. There are many aspect of this kitchen that looks like the real one indoors which will really help with the role play of the child.

To help with role play in this model, it also comes with all of the accessories shown in the picture including the plastic water container with a tap that can be stored underneath.

The measurements of this mud kitchen are:

00cm x 90cm x 50cm
(height to the worktop 45cm)

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Farmhouse Mud Kitchen by Evergreen ToyshopUK

Farm House Mud Kitchen

Similar to the model above, this mud kitchen is in the design of a farmhouse kitchen. Because this kitchen has no back to it, it provides a great social interaction for the children as they can all stand around chatting whilst producing some of the best mud pies around. It also makes it highly suitable for indoors.

The kitchen also comes complete with the water dispenser and has been treated so that it can spend its time outside without the fear of the weather causing any damage. A fine example of a mud kitchen.

The measurement for the table are:

100cm x 60cm x 45cm

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Mega Mud Kitchen

Large Mud Kitchen

If you have a large space to fill or have several children to play with the mud kitchen, this mega mud kitchen will certainly fit your needs. It would also suit a child minder or a nursery that is looking to implement a messy play area. It comes complete with 5 mixing bowls as well as a large plastic bowl on the end to do the washing up. Across the back of the mud kitchen is a large blackboard for children to play with.

The mud kitchen is made from fully planed and pressure treated time to ensure that it remains durable in all weathers.

The dimensions of this kitchen are:

Width 250cm
Depth 50cm
Height to work surface 63cm
Height to top of the back 103cm

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Pre School Mud Kitchen

Pre School Mud Kitchen

This model offered by MyMudKitchen Ltd is a lovely example that will look great in any garden. It comes with all of the utensils shown so no extra purchase is necessary to start creating mud pies!

This model is also available in a number of different colours from the seller and can also be supplied untreated if you want to complete the painting yourself.

The overall dimensions of this mud kitchen are:

H100 x W80 x D40cm
Floor to Work Surface Height 64cm

Delivery is included within the price and lead times are approximately 3-4 weeks.

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Deluxe Double Dirt Mud Kitchen

Deluxe Mud Kitchen

Made from Scandinavian RedWood, this kitchen has a wonderful chunky appearance. It comes complete with two mixing bowls and several hooks for utensils to be hung up.

As this mud kitchen completes complete with the utensils shown, your little kitchener will be able to get stuck in straight away from the moment that it is delivered.

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TP Muddy Cook Wooden Mud Kitchen

TP Muddy Cook Wooden Mud Kitchen

If you are looking for a basic mud kitchen for the garden or indoors, this TP muddy cook kitchen is certainly one that is worth considering. I also has a large mixing bowl for making those muddy concoctions along with plenty of storage underneath for all the pots and pans.

If you have a small garden, this kitchen may be one that is worth considering as it only measures 54 x 33 x 58 cm and is suitable for children from 36 months  to 10 years. The mixing bowl is fully removable for easy cleaning after a play session. Compared to some other kitchens, this would suit a smaller budget but offers just as much benefit to those wanting some mud play.

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TP Toys Early Fun Mud Kitchen

TP Toys Early Fun Mud Kitchen

For those with a playhouse already in the garden, this mud kitchen is one for you. Not to mention that the kids will absolutely love it. It easily attaches to any surface such as a shed, playhouse or fence. The kitchen itself is made from FSC certified wood and comes with its own utensils, a working water tap, splash bowl and stencils.

This mud kitchen is suitable for children aged 36 months and above. In terms of size, you will need a surface to fit the kitchen which is 36 x 81 x 56 cm

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TP Muddy Madness Wooden Mud Kitchen

TP Muddy Madness Wooden Mud Kitchen

Out of the TP range of mud kitchens, this is the premium version of their mud kitchens. There is plenty of room on this mud kitchen for 2 or 3 children to play at the same time. There is also plenty of room for fun on each of the kitchen components. Similar to the early fun mud kitchen, this model comes with a water butt and tap that holds 7 litres of water. Positioned above the mixing bowl, this makes making mud pies extremely easy! Not to mention the washing up. This design also features a handy cupboard that doubles up as a play oven.

This kitchen is made with FSC certified pressure treated European timber and also comes with its own set of stainless steel kitchen utensils.

This mud kitchen is suitable for children from 36 months and measures 96 x 43 x 108 cm

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