If you are looking for gardening tools for a child under 5, it can be quite difficult to find them. You will be naturally concerned about the quality of the goods and also want to make sure that they are suitable for such little hands.

By investing a little money in some garden equipment for your children, you will be able to build enthusiasm about them helping out and getting involved in garden tasks. As you know yourself, unless you are actually helping out, it’s quite hard to feel enthusiastic about getting involved. It will also bring about a level of curiosity as they will most likely be asking what the tools are for and why you use them. And also for this age, you want to keep the tools quite simple. 

There will be a limited amount of tasks that someone of this age can do around the garden but from our own experience, they dive right in and really don’t mind getting their hands dirty!

In terms of budgets, you don’t need to spend a fortune on tools at this age because they won’t be doing any of the heavy lifting, perhaps a small amount of weeding and digging some smaller holes for when you transplant the seedlings that you have been growing indoors. Our recommendations below, will enable them to do just that. 


Robbie Toys Metal Wheelbarrow

Available from Amazon

Suitable For: 2 and a Half Years Plus

We really love the Robbie Toys Metal Wheelbarrow – it’s bright and really stands out in the garden.  We’ve had this one out in the garden now for over a year and has transported many a material (stones, mud, logs, grass, plants etc) with our three year old at the helm. As far as children’s tools go, this one probably gets the most use out of all of them. The frame itself is made of metal and has a plastic wheel – don’t worry, it is a sturdy one. It is delivered flat packed, so will require some assembly but it is really not that difficult and took us only about 20 minutes or so. 

Whether buying this as a gift or for your own children, it will certainly get hours worth of use. It’s also great because they will be able to help you transport some of the larger items around the garden – great for when you are planting up! Also available in green.

Little Pals Green Watering Can

Available from Amazon

Suitable For: 36 Months Plus

This is a lovely watering can that will really stand the test of time. With a timeless appearance it really is a classic but in miniature format. It has a fixed spout and measure only 23cm, making it perfect for little ones to carry around the garden. Makes a great gift for any new gardener and also got getting some help with those all important watering chores. This is also available in blue and pink.

Small Foot Gardeners Set

Available from Amazon

Suitable For: 36 Months Plus

If you are looking for an all round set so that your children can get involved in a number of tasks around the garden, this tool kit will be one worth considering. It comes with 6 tools that can be carried in the bag provided as well as a handy watering can and sprayer in one – great for watering all types of plants. The handles of the tools are made with wood and metal for the end of the tool. This will make sure that these tools are suitable for tackling a number of jobs around the garden.

Briers Kids Tool Bag Set

Available from Amazon

Suitable For: 4 Years Plus

You’ll probably recognise the name of these tools from the garden centres that you visit yourselves. This set is made by Briers who also make a whole range of high quality tools for the garden and you can expect that quality in this product . The beauty with this one is that it is designed for children. In this set, you get a high quality bag so to carry around all of the garden essentials, as well as 3 tools and a metal watering can. This set makes an excellent gift and will allow your child to really get involved in a  number of tasks around the garden. This set comes highly recommended!

Children’s Push Along Mower

Available from Amazon

Suitable For: 36 Months plus

Ok, so this tool won’t actually help you achieve anything in the garden. However, from experience, HOURS have been spent in the garden whilst my little helper is cutting the grass with me. It’s also something fun that he can play with when you are trying to get some flower beds ready or trying to get some serious weeding done,

We are forever looking for other tools that will suit our readers. If you have any suggestions of tools that you have used, please do leave them in the comments below so that we can include them on this page. Do check back for more products as we will be reviewing more shortly.