If you are planning on planting up a beautiful vegetable patch with your children this year, then you should certainly think about some lovely garden markers and plant labels to go with it (kids love them!). Depending on what type of garden you have, will very much depend on what type of marker you may want. Of course, you can opt for simple garden markers such as lollipop sticks which are great when you have loads of seedlings that you need to keep track of – saves writing all over the pots. However, when you go to plant your masterpieces outside in the garden, you might want to get something with a bit of wow factor.

Why have garden markers?

Garden markers and plant labels are a great way to show what you are growing. Now you may think, “I know what I’m growing”, but early on and to the untrained eye, some plants can look the same. Also, if you have numerous beds around the garden, it is a great way to keep track of all those delicious goodies that you and your children are going to harvest later in the year.

Garden markers are also great for little children who cannot read yet. Many children will be able to associate the pictures of a vegetable and tell you exactly what it is. Onions and strawberries certainly have their distinctive looks! Some garden markers also go as far to have colour pictures on them, and this really does make it easy for children to tell exactly what is growing in that bed at that time.

What garden makers should you choose?

If your children are under the age of 5, then visual garden markers would certainly be a preference here. This will allow them to see what is growing in any particular patch and recognise the growing stages of the plant. If your child is of reading age, 5 or 6, then you can comfortably go for one with words only. It also depends on what type of garden you are putting them into and the quantity of the vegetable or plant that you are growing. A large sign may suit a garden that is growing the same vegetable. However, if you are growing in lines, then a small slim one may do the trick.

Some personalised garden markers and plant labels will also allow you to put the child’s name on the plaque which will also create a personalisation for them. Whilst they may not be able to read the sign itself properly, it will give them a sense of ownership.

We’ve had a good look around and have found some stunning examples that will match most gardens that we have come across. Some of them are quite contemporary, whilst others make a bolder statement. 

We hope you like them. 

Wooden Spoon Garden Markers


Wooden spoon garden markersThese wooden spoon garden markers, are just great! The wooden spoon itself has been treated so that it is able to withstand the elements of the great outdoors. There ar


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Vegetable Seedling Markers


Vegetable Seedling markersThese markers are just to beautifully delicate and will look great in raised beds and veg trugs. The sticks are made from up cycled bamboo sticks which will enable you to use them season after season. The tips are made of polymer clay and are handmade in Yorkshire and are 22cm long. These will look fantastic in any children’s garden and will make a wonderful gift.

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Set Six Chalkboard Plant Labels


Chalkboard plant labelsCarrying on with the theme of colourful plant labels, these are very traditional and match the signs that you would typically see at an RHS garden. They are made to order and you can choose six designs – perfect for most size vegetable patches.

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Solid Oak Garden Markers


Solid Oak Garden Markers

These markers are just lovely. If you are creating a traditional vegetable patch, these will just look extremely elegant. They are laser engraved and finished in teak oil. Each sign is 15cm by 4.5cm

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Set Of 5 Hand Stamped Copper Herb Markers


Copper Herb Plant Markers

If you are making a lovely kitchen garden with the children, these hand stamped copper garden markers will be just what you are after. The copper will contrast well against wood and brick built vegetable or herb beds. The markers themselves are fully customisable and can be printed with whatever name you like. A great gift for any keen gardener.

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Reclaimed Oak Herb/Plant Markers


Reclaimed Oak Herb Markers

Simple, yet elegant. Oak is just one of those woods that just looks lovely. These markers are made to order and come in a pack of 6. You can have the, made with whatever text you like which makes them highly versatile around the garden. The markers themselves are 17.5cm high, 2cm wide and 0.7cm deep. Great for both naming flowers around the garden or vegetables.

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Chemistry Set Garden Markers


Chemistry Set Garden MarkersLet’s be honest, gardening is a science and as for garden markers, they don’t really come more unique than these. Each garden marker is hand made using spruce wood with the details laser cut into the top. Cleverly, each one has the nutritional values on the top right hand corner per 100g (calories, carbohydrates, fat and protein). A great way to promote healthy eating. Comes as a set of ten, presented in a cotton bag

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We’d love to hear how you have labelled your garden. Feel free to drop a comment in below.